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  Yikes, theres a horse in the concourse.

  Thousands of people on Twitter have joined forces to locate the owner of a plush toy unicorn, whichwas discovered near a baggage claim in Londons Heathrow Airport on Sunday night.

  On Nov. 3, Sarah Doran was passing through terminal 2 of the air hub when she found the lonely toy and decided to take it homeafter learning that the lost-and-found was closed, according to news agency South West News Service (SWNS.)

  Hoping to work some social media magic to reunite the magical creature with its fur-ever home, Doran tweeted out photos of the toy and details on its whereabouts.


  To her surprise, her plea quickly went viral, in a pitch that has since been shared over 26,000 times and received hundreds of comments.

  In the days since, the unicorn-rescuing woman, who works as an entertainment reporter, has kept followers in the loop and shared that the stuffed animals family has not yet been found.

  Doran said that while the small unicorn has been kept company by some fellow globetrotters a stuffed bear, moose and penguin she sincerely hopes the toys owners will be found soon.

  The response to this tweet has been totally unprecedented. Thank you to everyone who has been sharing. No owner found yet but Ill keep the unicorn safe until we can find them, she tweeted on Nov. 5.

  Commenters, meanwhile, have largely joined in the search with enthusiasm, heralding the London woman as a good Samaritan for her kind deed. Many praised Dorans benevolent intentions, while others shared their own stories of lost stuffed animals.

  As someone who lost a beloved pillow as a kid, thank you for going to these lengths to try to get this unicorn back to their owner. You rock, one user wrote.

  Did a double take for a minute there but no, our unicorn is safely tucked up in bed and does not bear the distinctive facial tattoo. Hope lost Heathrow unicorn finds its owner! another chimed in.


  Oh God. My (now 19-year-old) son lost his Elmo when he was on a cruise at age 5 and I still havent gotten over it. Somebody please help this unicorn find its kiddo! one commented.

  I hope she is returned soon some little one is not missing her friend. My 3 [year-old] autistic granddaughter left her very loved Big Bird at the park when we realized we raced back someone had left him on the gate at the entrance, another said. We were so grateful.

  My daughter once lost her beloved kiki (stuffed cat) and whoa nelly was she heartbroken until I tracked it down. Youre a good Samaritan, one chimed in.

  Another declared that the quest was an awesome use of Twitter, while another jokingly likened the now-viral tale to Toy Story 5.

  As for her own take, Doran said she never expected the pitch to go as far and wide as it has.


  I certainly never expected the reaction it has had, she told SWNS.

  Im not hugely confident about finding the owner at this point. I think its easy to forget that the vast majority of people dont have Twitter or use social media, she went on. I hope someone will come forward and Ill keep it safe until they do.

  Im trying to register the unicorn with lost property at Heathrow in the hope that someone will contact them, she added.

  Though a spokesperson for Heathrow Airport was not immediately available to offer further comment on Wednesday morning regarding whether or not the owners of the lost unicorn had yet been identified, officials for the air hub tweeted their support of Dorans mission on Monday.





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